woensdag 26 maart 2014



Starting again in a new house, sorting through all my old stuff, and realising how much you accumulate in 25 years time, gives you a blank canvas.
How nice would it be to live in a serene house, calm colors, soothing to your eyes.
One can dream.
In a matter of days the first yellow crept back into our new house. A bright yellow carpet smiled at me at the store, I just couldn’t leave it there.
It was followed by splashes of orange and blues, and greens.
Bright and vivid colors, they just crept back in, first they sent their scouts and when they were allowed to stay, the main force arrived.
Truth be told, I adore colors.
In the 70s as a child I talked my mother into a bright orange bedroom.

The yellow rug was followed by another yellow rug found at a loppis (secondhand shop) and then my daughter made a beautiful woven rug at her new school.
It was followed by a Mexican rug from another loppis.
It  looked divine in combination with a Mexican tablecloth we already had and sneaked out of a moving box all by itself.

An orange retro camping kitchen was an absolute find, it bestows us with beautiful dreams about cooking in the garden this Summer.

And next an orange sink, which we plan to install in a little table, our dream-garden-kitchen.
Learning how to crochet granny squares, ouch!

I give up.
Colors are here to stay, I can’t live without them.

They make me smile and sing and dance.
Like the Heartbeats video by Jose Gonzalez, like little bouncing balls all the colors are back.

A quick tour in my house:

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